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Links and other helpful information

  •  Handi Quilter is a great company that has great longarm sewing machines.  I have owned 4.  I currently use the HQ Infinity achine.

  •   Superior Threads have the most awesome thread collections for quilters, embroidery, and sewing.  Their quality is unmatched.  I use their thread exclusively on the quilts I create.  We sell So Fine 50, Omni 40 and Omni Varieageted 40 thread also. Their link is

  •  Quilters Dream Batting is a wonderful company.  They make superb batting for longarm quilting.  It is soft and works well with longarm quilting machines.  There are several choices of batting from this company that are all quality.  I am excited about one in particular.  It is Quilter's Dream Angel batting.  This batting is fire resistant.  It is a must for children's quilts.  It has been proven to save lives when a child has been wrapped is a quilt with this batting as they were rescued from a fire.  They are a distributor to many quilt shops.  I use their batting in my quilts for my customers. We also sell Quiilter's Dream batting to quilters.  We have a supply on hand and can order.Their link to learn more about their fabulous batting is

  •  I am a member of a local Quilt Guild called Batty Binders.  You can find us listed on the Ohio Quilt Guilds page.  We welcome new members.  Always friendly and welcoming.  Motto. No DEADLINES!​ 

  • Other Quilt shops in our area that are great are:


                      Creative Fires LLC Springfield, OH


                      Wert'z Variety Store on Miami Street, West Milton, OHIO

                      No web page just goggle it for directions and hours.  They have fabrics, battings, and other sewing needs.


                     Fabric Crafts by Rosalie Hoover in  SR 48, Ludlow Falls, OHIO



                      Fabric Shack

  • Other Products carried or endorsed by AWE Sew LLC
                      Quilt Display Products  
        Tipp City, OH     937-502-0032   Mission, Shaker, and Modern Style quilt
                         racks, quilt display wall shelves, and quilt display holders in various sizes, and finishes.
                         Please contact me for a discount code if you plan to order.  937-607-8056

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