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Long Arm Quilting

Finish your all cotton or cotton blend quilt top and back from simple overall to custom.   NO T-SHIRT QUILTS.

What AWE Sew Provides

  • Quilter’s Dream Batting 80/20 at a reasonable cost

  • Quilter's Angel in baby and children's quilts for extra cost.

  • Backing is available at Quilter's choice. $12.00/yard 108 in wide.

  • Thread of color choice provided.

  • Embroidered Quilt label at additional cost quilted into your quilt back.

Prepare your top for quilting. *

  • Check Seams for holes. Check and fix all seams to ensure are completely sewn.

  • Trimming: Trim threads and dog ears.  If have embroidery, applique, or flippy corners, cut out additional fabric and stabilizer from back side, leaving only the top layer.

  • Starch and Press.  Starch from the back side will help secure threads. Press seams in the direction they want to lay.

  • Make sure borders lay flat.  Measure the quilt across in three places on each side to make sure the measurements are the same. Fluffy borders make puckers.  Re-Sew borders accordingly.

  • Victory Lap: Sew around the outside edge or your quilt top 1/8 in from the edge to secure seams and eliminate stretch.

  • *If excessive thread cutting, repair, pressing, and starching are necessary extra fee will be charged.

Prepare Back for Quilting

  • The back and batting must be 8 inches larger than the measured quilt top length and width.

  • ex.  quilt top measures 45" x 60" then batting and backing need to be 53" x 68" minimum.  

  • All flannel must be pre-washed and shrunk.

What else do you need to bring?

  • A 10 in by 30 in or longer strip of extra top and backing fabric must be included for tension testing.

  • Your quilt label or the information is written down if having AWE Sew embroider one for you.


  •  Overall simple 1.4 Cents per square inch

  •  One block design or border design @1.5 Cents per Sq. inch

  • Additional designs added @ .1 cents per square in.

  •  Custom quilting starts @ 2 cents per square in. Allow 3 to15 weeks from start to finish. 

  • Purchased Design not already in Design Library Design is purchased new to use on your quilt you will be charged 1/2 the purchase price. Designs run from $8 to $15.

  • Minimum price for any quilting charge is $50.00 not including batting or tax.

  • Wait Time. Quilts are quilted in the order received. Wait time is from 1 month to 6 months depending on the number and complexity of orders. Reservations recommended. 
    Other Quilting Related Services

  • Basting for hand quilting $15.00 to $30.00 depending on size of quilt top.

  • Machine Binding available $30.00 extra.

  • Ask about Quilting tops for charity.

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