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A Sampling of Hand Guided Quilt Designs

Tulip Quilt

This quilt contains 25 different designs you could choose for your quilt or border.

Lion Quilt

This is a custom Art Quilt. All Quilting is hand guided. This type of quilting can also be used on any applique quilt. Lion has muscle or movement lines. Background is a Victorian Wall Paper Design. Border is embellished swirl 2.


The double scroll and fill pattern works well on wider borders or across two strips in a 1600 quilt. The fill can be stipple, bubbles, or hearts.


This design works well as either a double or single design for borders or 1600 quilts. It is a hooked swirl with three fronds that have a center hook. There are several variations of this pattern.


This design works best as a double design, but can also work as a single border design. It would only be the top half.


The top row is Whirly Swirly. Good for borders and fills. The bottom row is Treble Clef and Bass Clef. Good for Music theme quilts.

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